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FreeClimb is a speedrun VR level, where you try to scale a wall up as fast as possible.

A three week gamejam done in the University of Applied Sciences Berlin. 

Members: Thomas Otto, Nils Bernatzki, Shahriar Shahrabi

Coaches: Prof. Brandhorst, Prof. Bremer. 

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsclimbing, Game Jam, Speedrun, Virtual Reality (VR)


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I loved, but for some reason freezes a lot

is it confirmed that its not a virus?

it is a game. i would not worry

Neat climbing game! Relatively short but enjoyable

it doesnt work it always freezes

Show post...

Yo can you make a quest verison apk? standalone


How do you open the game

my heart races and i almost have a heart attack when i fall since its so scary


Works just OK with WMR. I'm using an HP Reverb. I can climb but only up to the first ledge. No matter how I throw myself, can't ever get high enough to climb higher. There's also no analog walking. I can't do full room scale so I had to climb on my bed or get on my wall to start a climb. It reminds me of Kreedz climbing but in VR. :)

i love it but i suck at it bc im on pc not vr but its funny watching me die XD


is it on quest 

Haven't downloaded yet, but I would assume running it the game opens it in Steam VR. If you have Steam VR running and are connected with a link cable you should be able to play on Oculus Quest/Quest 2.


just if you still havent gotten it, it doesnt require steamvr, i downloaded ogga bogga and wolfenstein3dvr and it doesnt require steamvr


Just cause those games run without steam vr doesnt mean this game might need steamvr or not...

This is an Amazing Game. Love it. I Recommend this to Everyone.  I had my wife and Son Try it. They Loved it too. Please Add an Oculus .apk .obb.  Thank you

Found this to be very enjoyable, up until the end. This was unplayable without either trying to exploit the grabing or attempting to throw myself.
I played on an oculus so perhaps it was the controllers.

Aside from that this was very fun and I had a great time.


Loved the game and the experience! Breathtrail was a great addition! Was actually able to make it to the top, good thing I'm tall with long arms.


No logic you need to do everything not real to get up there JUST A ROCK WILL THROW YOU AWAY NO FUCKING LOGIC DIE BITCH YOU WHORE WHO CREATED THIS


Alright man lets calm down


sorry i got a mental breakdown.

Woah wtf dude calm tf down

does it have oculus support i would love to make some videos on this but i only have oculus


This felt like another game. I can't put my hammer on it though. Ah yes, that old game called sexy hiking is it? Or, maybe it's called getting over it. Man, you should really continue developing this game. Maybe ask Bennet Foddy for the rights to "getting over it". Renaming this "getting over it vr." Would be such a blast.


Works fine with WMR. The idea is great - I didn't expect this to work without getting motion sick! Really like the environmental design.

How did you get it to work on wmr? When I try to play I can’t reach any ice and if I lean any direction it stays the same distance from me just out of reach 

That sounds weird. As far as I remember, I used the roomscale setup and I didn't have any problems at all. Have you checked if the tracking of the WMR was working in another application?


This game is just full of shit

(1 edit)

How tf do you launch yourself that high?
Also yesterday, the game worked fine, but today, I am spawned outside the spawn, and once i get back in, the "drunk" overlay thingy keeps appearing for no reason, causing me to respawn outside of the map.

I played your game!!

Nice! :D Hope you had fun ;D

Definitely did! It's one of the few vr games i've considered good enough to permanently reside on my hard drive! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!


Is it for Oculus?


hay Fellowplayer,

We only tested with Vive..

but due to VRTK's sdk switch it should run on rift, too.

Please leave some feedback if it works! We would like to hear your opinion xD

Greetings nbVR


I just tried it with oculus and it works great